A Boil and Bite is not enough.

Mouthguards are required for sparring.

All professional and full-time training boxers require a custom or well-fitting mouthguard meeting minimum standards.

A well fitting guard will not only protect your teeth, but increase airflow and prevent ring stoppage due to guard loss.

We have partnered with Brisbane Mouthguards to provide professional fight guards for our athletes.

Children particularly struggle with poor fitting mouthguards due to a lack of undercuts (basically areas to ‘grip’) and emerging adult teeth.
Don’t trust this to just any dentist. Getting the right impression for a child’s or adults mouthguard takes years of experience – it is not a typical procedure for your average dentist professional.

A custom mouthguard is made on a model taken of your mouth.

The Prosthetist will come to club and insert a tray with moulding material into your mouth. A model is then poured and a mouthguard is made on the model.

There are several factors that need to be considered; the level of fighting, size and dental considerations.

To order, simply add your name to the poster in the gym. Once we have 6 participants, Brisbane Mouthguards will visit the gym.

See the pricing and range at brisbanemouthguards.com.au

Need it now? Simply call 0416 020 331