Junior Classes 6-12 yrs

Junior Classes 6-12 yrs

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Our thriving Junior Classes have an atmosphere of their own. These high-energy 1 hour classes are suitable for all participants from age 6 to about 12. All levels are welcome and are pushed to excel and thrive.
Shamrock Gym have been training for over 24 years and our Instructors know how to get your child involved and successful at an early stage, allowing them to embrace the sport quickly. This training style has led to many champions over the years as the love and dedication to boxing begins here, in the Shamrock Junior Boxing Classes.

Students will learn;

  • Fitness Routines
  • Boxing Stance
  • Footwork
  • Boxing Technique
  • Defence
  • Attack

All students require their own boxing gloves after the 5th lesson. Some equipment is available for trial sessions, however for hygiene and to perform to their best, personal boxing gloves are essential.
Headgear is also a required part of the equipment. Some is available for trial, however after the 10th lesson this is required. If the student no longer wishes to participate, this can be purchased back by the club at 50% purchase cost.
Students will have one-on-one boxing with instructors on a regular basis, and feedback will be provided.
Mouthguards are required to spa, or fight; speak to your instructor today to learn if a simple boil and bite will be sufficient or if they are require a custom mouthguard.
Drink bottles are essential.
Skipping ropes can be purchased at the gym for $10 and are required.

Custom mouthguards while not required are highly recommended. We work with Brisbane Mouthguards to provide the ultimate fight guard; these start from $120 and are done at the club when we have a minimum of 6 students ready for a guard. Healthfunds are also accepted.

To book simply add your name on the poster in the gym; when we have 6 students the impressions will be taken at the club.