What to Bring

Get the most out of your training by bringing the right equipment.

-Drink Bottle – Best if it can be squirted into the mouth through headgear.

-Mouthguard – Boil and Bite is ok for small kids. For children with braces or who have their adult teeth, a custom mouthguard is highly recommended. If you are fighting professionally, a custom mouthguard is required. Speak to us today to arrange your custom mouthguard fitting or read more here

-Boxing Gloves – Required after 5 lessons for all regular participants. Speak to your Instructor to learn how to select your gloves.

-A quality skipping rope. These are available at the gym for $10. If you purchase a new one you will need to adjust prior to class.

-Head Gear – All Juniors required after 10 lessons. Use our simple subscription form to sign up for regular payments to easily afford this

-Please ensure all equipment is named.